by Dominick A. Miserandino

Our client load here is both on the B2C side, (getting people more sales) as well as the publishing side (getting people more ad dollars). We also do B2B but that’s another story.

One of our clients just forwarded us the email below inviting her to be a “Brand Ambassador”.

(I switched the brand to XYZ)
As an XYZ you will receive:
$25 off your first order
An ongoing 15% discount
Official features on with links to your blog & Instagram
Features on all of’s social media channels
Optional logo to display on side bar of blog

As an ambassador, the brand asks in return that you:
Follow on all social channels
Comment on Instagram or Facebook posts twice weekly
Tag & hashtag on social media when wearing any products

My problems with it are quite a few.

From a publisher side:
1) It’s basically saying, “Would you like a 15% coupon? There’s 25% out there, but our 15% is AWESOME!” The people you’re hitting are usually savvy enough to know a coupon is a coupon.

2) We will pay you $25 to follow us and comment on all Facebook posts and Instagram? Do you want to do this in perpetuity? (If you stop, you’ll lose your coupon rights)

3) You can even get us a link on your site with our logo!

4) If you feature us, like any smart brand, we’ll link back, but please write about it too!

So from a publisher side, clearly I think it’s a tad bit silly to do all that work for a coupon.

Now for the brand side of things, you have:

1) Is the ambassador an employee?

2) This seems an insane amount of work for small results.

3) Does the results offset the bloggers laughing afterwards?