by Dominick A. Miserandino

We’ve been advising clients for two decades on how to market and improve their online sales.  The same questions always bubble to the surface about Mommy Blog Reviews. Here are some of our favorite “Mommy Blogger Horror Stories” that might enlighten you as to how rigged it truly is.

1) We found one mommy blogger who literally pretended to be five different people on five different blogs. She admitted that she was doing this purely for the five free copies of product that people would send her.

2) One client found that their products were ending up on eBay in such frequency that by the time the holiday season rolled around, he found 200 of his products were for up for sale that he had sent to Mommy Bloggers. He had to buy back his own products just to function! They were cannibalizing his sales.

3) One blogger we found readily admitted that she was offered trips and high-end products to review, and she jokingly confessed, “My blog doesn’t even get read by more than a dozen a month.”

4) With one client, we analyzed their traffic for the past five years. He did get coverage in over 1,000 mommy blogs. Only two resulted in actual sales!

5) In a study we did of 20 different eCommerce clients, we found that 80% of the time, the traffic received from any review over a 5-year span was less than if they would have simply not shipped anything and used the shipping costs of their products, for buying Google Ads instead.

6) We had one client for whom we purposely marked their products to make them easily identifiable on eBay. Two of the five products that the bloggers requested for contests ended on eBay before the contest even started! Clearly, those products did not go to any winners.

7) We had a colleague who created a blog and using the robots.txt file, blocked it from receiving any search engine traffic. It quite literally was not-indexed by Google, and not able to be found on any search engines. She blasted information about her blog to a few publicist groups, and the more each publicist saw their clients in it, the more other publicists soon followed. At the peak, she received a cruise, a car to use, books, appliances, etc… from a site that never once saw a customer!

8) One client had a report from their publicist showing the 20 mommy blogs “reach” as an average of 1.5 million visits each. They received literally 123 visits in total. Not only does it show that it’s not exactly likely that there read by 1.5 million each… I happened to have had stats for half of them. I knew they were read by 10k at most.