by Dominick A. Miserandino

Me: What is your SEO Guy doing?

Caller: Oh, he’s doing SEO.

Me: And what’s that?


Many businesses pay for SEO because they have been told they HAVE too, but they don’t really understand what they are paying for.

So you may find some answers here for your own business, or discover the right questions to ask your SEO or web team, based on one of my four case studies below:

1) Check where your Google traffic is coming from.

One recent client was paying $600 a month for key words/Google Adwords to boost their SEO for two years. His Google traffic WAS up and that was great… although it was all Google for eastern Europe (certainly not where he sold his products). His US web traffic was actually down!

2) Are you spending more than it’s worth?

There are pragmatic answers with SEO. Quite often, I’ll find clients spending upwards of $1,000 a month on key words, but at the end of the day, it would have been cheaper and more efficient to just buy Google Adwords.

3) Everyone will tell you myths like “You need constantly updated content for SEO.” Don’t believe them.

To test this theory, we’ve purposely had a site on which we haven’t added any new content, ever. The traffic has gone up 43% year over year. You do not need content for the sake of content or SEO.

4) Check everything else going on

My favorite phone call was with a client who had an SEO firm promoting his business for two years, but neglected to look into his server settings. His robots.txt file was basically blocking Google from even indexing the site.